Product & Refund Policy

Liebelive has a "No refund policy," it typically means that they do not provide refunds for purchases or transactions made through their platform under normal circumstances. Here are some common reasons for having a no-refund policy:

Digital Goods or Services: If the service involves digital goods or services, such as subscriptions, virtual items, or digital content, refunds may not be feasible due to the nature of the product.

Terms of Service Agreement: The no refund policy might be explicitly stated in the terms of service or user agreement that users agree to when signing up or making a purchase.

Cost of Processing Refunds: Processing refunds can be costly and time-consuming for the company, especially for small transactions or digital purchases.

Prevention of Abuse: Some companies implement a no refund policy to prevent abuse or misuse of their services, such as purchasing digital content, using it, and then requesting a refund.

Clearance or Final Sale Items: For certain products or services, such as clearance items or final sale promotions, a no refund policy may be standard practice.

While a no refund policy may seem rigid, it's important for users to review the terms and conditions before making a purchase or signing up for a service. In some jurisdictions, there may be consumer protection laws that require companies to offer refunds under certain circumstances, regardless of their stated policy. Therefore, it's advisable for users to be aware of their rights and seek assistance from consumer protection agencies if necessary.