Platform Guidelines

At Liebe Live, our main goal is to give the best social stage made by our developing network where makers and networks can communicate securely. To accomplish this objective, we ask that all clients take an interest so that advances a well-disposed, positive experience for our worldwide network.

To secure the respectability of our locale, as the supplier of the administration, we at Liebe Live maintain all authority to suspend any record whenever for any direct that we decide to be improper or hurtful. You are allowed to offer your suspension, yet we are not required to give motivation to our choice.

Notwithstanding our Terms of Service, we give the accompanying rules to all client lead and substance on our administrations. These rules fall under a presence of mind reasoning and apply to all video content, picture content, sound substance, messages, second, profile, usernames, and some other action on our administrations. Abusing our locale rules may prompt the suspension of your record and access to our administrations, just as the evacuation of any related substance. This is viewed as a living archive that we consistently update dependent on the advancement of the Liebe Live stage and administration.

Overstepping the Law

You should regard all appropriate nearby, national, and universal laws while utilizing our administrations. Any substance or action including, empowering, or requesting criminal behaviour is precluded.

Suspension Evasion

All suspensions are official until termination or evacuation upon advance. Any endeavour to dodge a site-wide, stage, or visit suspension by utilizing different records will likewise bring about suspension. Suspension avoidance won't just increment the length of the suspension, however may prompt an uncertain suspension.

Foolish Behaviour

Any action that may jeopardize your life or lead to your physical damage is denied. This incorporates, however isn't restricted to self-destruction dangers, deliberate physical injury, utilization of unlawful medications, and drinking unreasonably.

Directed Harassment, Threats, and Violence Against Others

Badgering, slander, terrorizing, attacking with noxious purpose, or following of different people or clients, including Liebe Live Team, Liebe Live Live, Liebe Live Group or any Liebe Live's legitimate records, is carefully denied. Coming up next are viewed as zero-resilience badgering infringement, and all records related with such movement will get a quick uncertain suspension:

Endeavouring or taking steps to damage or slaughter someone else.

Waving deadly or unsafe weapons, for example, firearms, blades, or explosives.

Unapproved Sharing of Private Information

Try not to attack the security of others. It is precluded to share content that may uncover private individual data about people, or their private habitation, without authorization. This incorporates however isn't restricted to:

  1. Sharing actually recognizable data, (for example, genuine name, area, or ID).
  2. Sharing limited or shielded social profiles or any data from those profiles.
  3. Broadcasting content got from recording or spilling in a way that attacks another's protection as well as happens on private property, without consent.
  4. Abhor Speech and Other Harassment
  5. Any substance or movement that encourages, advances or supports separation, badgering, or brutality dependent on race, ethnicity, sex character, sexual direction, age, handicap, religion, or nationality is precluded.


Substance or movement intended to mimic an individual or association is restricted. Any endeavours to distort yourself as an individual from Liebe Live Team, Liebe Live Live, or Admins is a zero-resilience infringement and will bring about quick inconclusive suspension.

Spam, Scams, and Other Malicious Conduct

Any substance or movement that disturbs, interferes with, hurts, or in any case abuses the trustworthiness of Liebe Live administrations or another client's understanding or gadgets is disallowed. Such movement incorporates:

  1. Posting a lot of redundant, undesirable messages or client reports
  2. Dispersing unapproved promotions
  3. Phishing
  4. Duping others
  5. Spreading malware or infections
  6. Altering, (for example, misleadingly blowing up follow)
  7. Selling or sharing client accounts
  8. Exchanging Liebe Live administrations or highlights, (for example, Liebe Live Coin or Liebe Live VIP).

Sex entertainment and Other Sexually Explicit Conduct

Any substance or action including sex entertainment, sex, or grown-up administrations is restricted. Direct including abuse of minors will be accounted for to specialists by means of the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

Unseemly behaviour and Attire

Nakedness and direct including unmistakably sexual conduct as well as clothing are denied.

Extraordinary Violence, Gore, and Other Obscene Conduct

Content that only spotlights on outrageous or unnecessary carnage and viciousness is disallowed.

Unapproved Content Sharing and Other Copyright Violations

Transferring any substance that you don't reserve the options to, or are in any case not approved to utilize, disregards our Terms of Service. We don't endure, for instance: rebroadcasting other Liebe Live supporters' substance, playing pilfered games, indicating outsider motion pictures and network shows, playing on unapproved private servers, or transferring content from different destinations without the consent of the copyright proprietor.

Virtual Currency

  1. LIEBE LIVE offers an element permitting clients to buy virtual money which we called "LIEBE LIVE Coins" for use inside the Service (for example as a "tip" to another LIEBE LIVE Broadcaster for their live communicate, or send Gift to your companions on visit). You recognize and concur that your dissemination of any Coins right now in your record, as a virtual "tip" to some other client's record, is made exclusively at your own watchfulness; you further comprehend that once you have affirmed the exchange of Coins to another client's record, the activity can't be fixed and the Coins can't be pulled back.
  2. The worth (for example the swapping scale) of the Coins is controlled by LIEBE LIVE dependent on your nation of source, and LIEBE LIVE further maintains all authority to alter the buy conversion standard between genuine cash and virtual Coins every now and then, with or without reason, in its sole prudence. By your utilization of the Service, you affirm your comprehension of and acknowledge the then-current conversion standard of any Coins at the hour of your buy.
  3. Your utilization of any Coins bought will be exclusively for authentic purposes inside the Service, and should conform to every single appropriate law consistently (for example no trading of Coins for any action, item, lead or administrations regarded unapproved by these Terms of Use or our Community Policy).
  4. In the event that your record is ended by LIEBE LIVE for cause, any remarkable Coins staying in your record at the hour of end might be reallocated and won't be recoverable in LIEBE LIVE's sole and outright caution.
  5. You comprehend that the acquisition of Coins requires genuine cash. In the event that you can't help contradicting any piece of, or don't completely comprehend our conversion scale strategy, it would be ideal if you cease from buying or utilizing any Coins regarding the Service.
  6. You comprehend that LIEBE LIVE may change, adjust or update these Terms of Use, or the terms of offer regarding the Coins every once in a while, and that such re-examined terms will apply to every single ensuing acquisition of any Coins, and you concur that you will survey these Terms of Use and any terms with respect to the offer of Coins preceding creation any buy.


You can report any maltreatment or gripe about Content on LIEBE LIVE. We give "Square" and "Report" work for clients to assist us with guarding LIEBE LIVE clean and. You can report a client straightforwardly from a profile, by tapping the "Report" on their profile, picking the purpose behind the grumbling. You can likewise report a second legitimately by tapping the "Report" on the second detail page, picking the explanation behind the grievance. All the reports will be checked by our "Review Team" and make the comparing forms as per the real circumstance dependent on our approaches. On the off chance that you accept we process it unintentionally, we will give you a chance to request by means of the "Application Support" page. We will consistently attempt our best to help settle any issues that you may experience with our administration.


We maintain all authority to make changes to these terms and offer you the chance to audit and remark on the overhauled terms before proceeding to utilize our Services. we may give notice on the Website on the off chance that we make changes to approaches, rules or different terms referenced in or consolidated by this Statement.

Protected innovation

LIEBE LIVE doesn't guarantee ANY possession rights in the content, records, photographs, video, sounds, melodic works, works of origin, applications, or some other materials (on the whole, "Content") that you post on or through the LIEBE LIVE Services. By showing or distributing ("posting") any Content on or through the LIEBE LIVE Services, you thus award to LIEBE LIVE a non-select, completely paid and eminence free, around the world, restricted permit to utilize, alter, erase from, add to, openly perform, openly show, recreate and interpret such Content, including without confinement dispersing part or the entirety of the Site in any media designs through any media channels, aside from Content not shared openly ("private") won't be appropriated outside the LIEBE LIVE Services.

LIEBE LIVE performs specialized capacities important to offer the LIEBE LIVE Services, including however not constrained to transcoding and additionally reformatting Content to permit its utilization all through the LIEBE LIVE Services.

In spite of the fact that the Site and other LIEBE LIVE Services are regularly accessible, there will be events when the Site or other LIEBE LIVE Services will be hindered for booked support or redesigns, for crisis fixes, or because of disappointment of media communications connections and hardware that are outside the ability to control of LIEBE LIVE. Additionally, in spite of the fact that LIEBE LIVE will regularly just erase Content that disregards this Agreement, LIEBE LIVE maintains whatever authority is needed to erase any Content in any way, shape or form, without earlier notification. Erased substance might be put away by LIEBE LIVE so as to agree to certain legitimate commitments and isn't retrievable without a substantial court request. Therefore, LIEBE LIVE urges you to keep up your own reinforcement of your Content. As it were, LIEBE LIVE isn't a reinforcement administration. LIEBE LIVE won't be subject to you for any adjustment, suspension, or stopping of the LIEBE LIVE Services, or the loss of any Content.

In-App Purchase and Subscription

In-App Purchases. Every once in a while, LIEBE LIVE may offer extra items and administrations for buy through the App Store, Google Play, or other application stages ("in-application buys"). In the event that you decide to make an in-application buy, you will be provoked to enter subtleties for your record with the versatile stage you are utilizing (e.g., Apple, Android, and so on.) ("your IAP Account"), and your IAP Account will be charged for the in-application buy as per the terms uncovered to you at the hour of procurement just as the general terms for in-application buys that apply to your IAP Account. In the event that you buy an auto-repeating occasional membership through an in-application buy, your IAP Account will be charged consistently for the membership until you drop as per the stage terms. In all cases, kindly allude to the details of your application stage which apply to your in-application buys.

What would I be able to purchase on LIEBE LIVE?

LIEBE LIVE offers you the chance to pay for specific administrations offered on the site. LIEBE LIVE's VIP administrations incorporate different chances to discover and meet extra individuals, to redo your profile, and to help your profile so more individuals will discover you. LIEBE LIVE additionally offers the capacity to play different games on the site. These VIP administrations can be bought once you register, and you may buy in to the VIP administrations for different periods of time. When you have paid for any VIP administrations, they are non-refundable. You can switch your Auto Top-up whenever in your instalment settings on your profile page. The valuing may fluctuate because of various components, for example, (however not restricted to) special offers, dedication rewards, and different limits that may apply to your age gathering.


In the event that you disregard the Terms, or in any case make hazard or conceivable lawful presentation for us, at that point we hold the privilege at our sole attentiveness, whenever and without obligation or the need to give you earlier notification or to discount any unused administrations to:

  1. Suspend or renounce your enrolment (where pertinent) and your entitlement to get to as well as use LIEBE LIVE or present any Content to LIEBE LIVE.
  2. Utilize any operational, mechanical, legitimate, or different methods accessible to uphold the Terms (counting without constraint blocking explicit IP addresses).

We will attempt (however we are not obliged) to inform you if your entrance to LIEBE LIVE as well as your Profile is to be or has been suspended or ended.